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The Life Unexpected is the ultimate survival guide for parents and educators who are navigating the muddy waters of raising special needs children. Marianne Russo, the creator of The Coffee Klatch Special Needs Talk Radio Network, takes readers from that first step of accepting the reality of your new life to the true meaning of advocacy, empowerment and hope.

The chapters are weaved with touching, personal and sometimes funny accounts of her journey raising two daughters with uniquely different special needs along with quotes and advice from the world renowned experts she has interviewed on her radio show.

Whether you are just starting out on this incredible journey or have been traveling the unpredictable terrain of special needs parenting for a while, Marianne empowers and inspires readers with her messages of compassionate parenting for children and teens with behavioral issues, speaking the language of positives and the importance of looking at your child with a whole new set of eyes. Understanding what makes these kids incredibly challenging can also give parents insight into what makes them so brilliantly unique.

Once dubbed “The Parents Advocate” Marianne also reminds us not to lose sight of the person behind the parent. So moms, dig out those high heels, dads go catch a baseball game and learn to not only survive but enjoy your life unexpected.

The Life Unexpected brings a new perspective and understanding to these incredible and often times challenging kids and their incredible warrior parents.

To Know the road ahead ask those coming back – Chinese Proverb

Contributors to The Life Unexpected:

Daniel Pink – NY Times bestselling author “DRIVE”

Jennifer Laviano – Special Education Attorney

Dr. Thomas Armstrong – author “Neurodiversity” “Emotional Intelligences” “7 Kinds Of Smart”

Dr. Lucy Miller – Leading expert on Sensory Processing Disorder – Founder The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation

Dash Mihok – Actor – Ray Donovan

Honorable Judge Alex Ferrer

Dr. Moira Rynn – Director of Research Child and Adolescent Psychiatry – Columbia University

Dr. Ned Hallowell – NY Times bestselling author of “Driven To Distraction”

John Elder Robison – NY Times bestselling author of “Look Me In The Eye”

Taylor Morris

Dr. James Webb – Leading psychologist on Gifted and Talented Children – SENG

Dr. Ammend – Author “Misdiagnosis and dual diagnosis of gifted children and adults”

Dr. Temple Grandin – Times Magazines “100 Most Influential People”

Dr. Demitri Papolos – Author “The Bipolar Child” Clinical Director of the Juvenile Bipolar Foundation

Dr. Allen Frances – Task Force Chair DSMIV – “The most powerful psychiatrist in the world” NY Times author of “Saving Normal”

Dr. Dale Archer – author “Better Than Normal – How what makes you different can make you exceptional”

Dr Ross Greene – author “The Explosive Child” and “Lost at School”

Dr. Cheri Florance – Brain Scientist author of “The Maverick Mind”

Dr. Samango Sprouse – Exec Dir The Focus Foundation

David Flink – author “Thinking Differently”

Dr. Susan Swedo – Senior Investigator NIMH – PANDAS Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep

Dr. Theo Theoharides – Director of Molecular Immunopharacology and Drug Discovery – Prof of Physiology and Pathobiology Tufts University

Dr Derek Enlander – Director Enlander Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Clinic – Physician in waiting to the British Royal Family

Dr. Russell Hyken – Educational diagnostician and Educational placement expert

Dr. Charles Parker – Clinical Neuroscientist

Dr. Marianne Kudujanakis – Pediatrician – Gifted and Talented SENG

James Redford – Filmmaker “Dyslexia – The Big Picture”

Dr. Betty Osman – author “No One To Play With – The social problems of LD and ADHD children

Dr. Barry Sears – Creator of the Zone Diet author of “The Zone Diet” “Toxic Fat”

Dr Enrico Gnaulati – Author “Back To Normal” Why ordinary childhood behavior is mistake for ADHD, Bipolar disorder and Autism spectrum disorders

Areva Martin – Legal TV media personality – Autism advocate

Dr. Sharone Gilbert – Neuropsychologist

Monika Woolsey – InCyst

Dr. Lynne Kenney – Child psychologist

Dr. Debra Serani – Psychologist

Coming December 13, 2016

Trailer – The Life Unexpected