Mission and Vision

The Bright Not Broken-Lorna Wing Institute of America, Inc. exists to bridge the gap between the gifted and disabilities communities in both the professional and public sectors in order to improve educational, social, and vocational opportunities for the twice-exceptional population.

Our vision is to create a world where twice-exceptional people are understood and accepted as bright not broken; where they find their rightful place and have every opportunity to fully achieve based on their strengths, knowledge, abilities, and talents.

Lorna Wing Institute Of America- DISCO

The Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO)

Was developed by Dr. Lorna Wing and Dr. Judith Gould.In her early work, Dr. Wing questioned whether autism was a single entity, then commonly known as “Kanner’s autism.” Her research work with Dr. Judith Gould led to the now accepted concept of a spectrum of autistic conditions. It was Dr. Wing who, in 1981,coined the term “Asperger syndrome” and whose work led to it being included into diagnostic systems worldwide


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Dr. Lorna Wing – Diagnostic Interview For Social And Communication Disorders (DISCO)