About Special Needs Talk Radio Network

There is nothing more empowering than confidence and there is no greater need for
that empowerment than when raising a child with a disability.

The success and response to the programs on The Coffee Klatch has been overwhelming. Our guests are comprised of the most respected and admired in the world. The offering of a broad range of topics and children’s disorders has brought a unity among our followers with a greater understanding of our children, a greater respect for their parents and the acceptance and appreciation of the differences in both.

In an effort to continue providing outstanding broadcasts to the special needs
community, Special Needs Coffee Klatch Ltd. has expanded with the addition of a sister network -­‐ Special Needs Talk Radio. Our goal is to offer parents support, information and inspiration on their special needs journey by offering practical and focused educational parenting programming.

Become empowered, become confident, become the best parent you can be. Meet and learn from those who have dedicated their careers to treating, protecting and educating special needs children. Meet the parents who have walked in your shoes, understand your fears and are here to guide you.

Dr. Gary Brannigan and Dr. Howard Margolis, two of the most respected professionals in the special needs community, authors of Reading Disabilities: Beating The Odds will teach parents and professionals how they can help children develop their personal, social, emotional and academic abilities.

Jennifer Laviano, a special education attorney with Julie Swanson, a parent of a teenager with a disability and a Special Education Advocate unriddle the questions and anxiety surrounding Special Education Law and your child’s rights.

Nicole Eredics educator and founder of The Inclusive Class along with the incredible Terri Mauro author of 50 Ways to Support Your Child’s Special Education and The Everything Parent’s Guide To Sensory Integration Disorder help you create a sensory friendly classroom and world for your disregulated child.

Ariva Weiss and Ilana Danneman the incredible forces behind Fun and Function bring you the best Gizmos, Gadgets, Sensory Solutions, Apps, and Games to help your child calm, learn, overcome, communicate and have fun.

Bobbi Sheahan and Amalia Starr host Autism As They Grow. Bobbi, author of What I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child With Autism gives strategies and practical parenting tips for the early years from first diagnosis to early education. Amalia Starr, national autism expert and speaker, author of Raising Brandon brings decades of experience taking a child from teens to adult independence. Two incredible women who have embarked on the autism journey bring you directions, support and inspiration.

Diane Kennedy and Rebecca Banks authors of Bright Not Broken and the ADHD-Autism Connection with Dr Temple Grandin are here! Diane is the mother of three twice-exceptional sons who has spent over 18 years advocating for special needs children. Rebecca, a veteran educator who has spent nearly a decade teaching in inclusive classrooms, is the mother of two twice-exceptional children. Together, Diane and Rebecca will examine the issues around twice-exceptional children—that is, gifted kids with hidden disabilities such as ADHD, Asperger’s/autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, and related conditions. Their unique perspective and fresh approach will help parents, educators, and healthcare professionals understand who these kids are, why they’re stuck, and how to help them. In a time when the diagnostic system is in flux and education is under fire, this program will look unflinching at how proposed changes in these systems will affect twice-exceptional kids. The Bright Not Broken Radio Show will help listeners identify and maximize the talents of gifted kids with hidden disabilities.

An exciting new feature of Special Needs Talk Radio is its interactive website allowing you to fill out our online request form with pull down options for each individual show which will enable you to make a comment, suggest a topic or future guest or pose a question to be asked live on a show for an upcoming broadcast. Keeping our audience engaged on a very personal level is the cornerstone of our networks so please use our online form, download and email back our questionnaire, Tweet, post on our Facebook page, call in live and join us on our simultaneous Blog Talk Radio chats. Real questions – Real problems – in Real time.

Talking Special Needs Network is committed to bringing you the same quality broadcasts and standard of excellence that you have come to expect from The Coffee Klatch.

I hope you will join us and share the information we provide with others to offer awareness, education and acceptance of our differences and to help special needs families and the wonderful educators make our kids the best they can be.

Wishing you strength and calm,

Marianne Russo
President Special Needs Coffee Klatch Ltd.