Frequently asked questions:

Q:How can I suggest a topic, disorder or guest to be on the show?

Please use out Contact Form or email Marianne@TheCoffeeKlatch.com with your suggestions and we will do our best to feature your child’s disability or concern.

Q:How do i get in touch with you?

Please visit our contact page and select a topic that you would like to contact us about in the dropdown box and complete your details and message. We will normally get back to you within 24-72 hours.

Q:How can i become a guest on a Talking Special Needs Network Show?

Email Marianne@TheCoffeeKlatch.com with a request, bio and available dates, or download the request form here and email back to marianne@thecoffeeklatch.com

Q:I would like to advertise my services/goods on the website, how do i do this and how much does it cost?

You can see our current rates and read more about advertising on the Talking Special Needs Network on our advertising page. You can also download our rates in PDF format. Please contact Marianne Russo on email advertising@thecoffeeklatch.com to reserve space. Additional Sponsorships are available upon request.

Q:Why is Talking Special needs joined with The Coffee Klatch website and broadcasts

A- Talking Special Needs is the sister network under The Coffee Klatch. As different as our children are and as unique as their presentations a need arose to bring very tailored shows to help parents deal with all the different aspects of special need parenting, thus these outstanding six broadcasts were born

Q:Why do the hosts of The Coffee Klatch give so much of their time to special needs parents?

In one way of another special needs children have touched our lives. Whether it was by choice of profession or by walking in your shoes, we know your struggles and are not only advocates for your children for but for you, the parent or educator as well.

Q:Do I need to be registered on Blog Talk Radio to listen to the shows?

Yes, you will need to register to participate in our blog talk radio chats but not to listen to a show live or in archive

Q:Why are The Coffee Klatch interviews on Itunes?

With our busy lives sometimes the best way to listen is in your car, on your Ipod, on a walk or at the gym. We offer all our broadcasts free to download on Itunes

Q:Do I need to be registered on Blog Talk Radio to listen to the shows?

No anyone can listen without registering but you do need to register to participate in our simultaneous chats which we strongly encourage

Q:Why should I become a member of the group on Facebook?

Facebook is a wonderful social media outlet, Twitter is real time but Facebook allows everyone, guests, hosts and followers to post their resources, links, products or comments without the 140 character limit of Twitter. It creates a community and breaks the isolation so many special needs parents feel.

Q:Why does The Coffee Klatch need a disclaimer?

Several of our hosts are psychologists or lawyers yet they do not give specific advice to any listener. All our hosts are considered advocates or experts in their fields and to ensure that opinions are not taken as advice we protect ourselves and Special Needs Coffee Klatch Ltd from misinterpretation and liability.

Q:How can I suggest a topic, disorder or guest to be on the show?

We have make it very easy for you to interact with the hosts and to make recommendations, requests or leave comments on our online questionnaire and contact pages.

Q:Who are The Coffee Klatch sponsors?

The sponsors for The Coffee Klatch and Talking Special Needs Network are supporters of our show and the special needs community. Advertising and sponsorship is open to all and very much appreciated to help us continue with the excellent standards we are known for.

Q:What if I miss a blog talk radio episode?

Thats impossible! All our shows are archived within 20 minutes of live air time. You can listen any time 24/7 right from our blog talk radio page or download an episode from Itunes which we offer free for your Ipod or Iphone

Q:I’ve sent a Direct Message to The Coffee Klatch but have not heard back, what’s up with that?

There are times that we receive hundreds of DM’s a day, we try to get to as many as we can but it is physically impossible to answer all. The best way to reach us is right here through our websites

Q:What is the Special Needs At The Coffee Klatch Newsletter?

The newsletter is a compilation of tweets from our incredible guests. It is a daily online newsletter which anyone can subscribe to

Q:WOW! The hosts of your shows are incredible can I contact them through this website?

Yes we are very proud of our team. To make requests, ask a question or make a comment about any of the shows please use our online questionnaire. For any other interests in their services please contact them directly through their websites.

Q:How can I request to be a guest on the show?

Feel free to use our online guest request form to introduce yourself

Q:Something is not working – how do I get technical support?

Yikes! Let us know as soon as possible through our tech support email on the contact page

Q:Why Does Talking Special Needs have the #specneeds hashtag on Twitter?

Twitter is the epicenter of The Coffee Klatch and Talking Special Needs Network. Our hashtags #TCK for #TheCoffeeKlatch and #specneeds for @TalkingSN offer a way of following all the tweets and posts not only from our hosts but from the thousands of parents, experts, physicians and educators that share their resources with our followers

Q:Why do you have a questionnaire?

One of the most important features of our shows is the interaction between our hosts, guests and listeners. We try to engage parents to ask the questions they have to get the answers they need. We also like feedback and recommendations so let us know how we are doing and what you would like to see on one of our shows