From early diagnosis to transitioning into adult life this program will encompass all aspects of parenting and living on the spectrum.

Listen to two of the most respected and admired autism advocates as they guide and support you through your journey.

From those just starting on their journey:
Could your child have autism? Do people suggest that your child is different – really different? Are you wondering how to make sense of your child’s behavior? Let’s talk about autism in the early years with Bobbi Sheahan. Are you struggling with a new or probable diagnosis of autism? Do you have a student – or a neighbor, grandchild, or friend — who is on the autism spectrum? Wondering what it all means? Don’t despair; help is on the way! Bobbi is here to cut through all of the noise about autism and get straight to what people want to know: what is it really like, and what are we supposed to do about it? Bobbi will make you laugh, and pulls no punches: from her frustration with nosy strangers to the challenges that autism can poses to our marriages, she candidly tackles every issue. Bobbi Sheahan is the mother of four children, one of whom has autism. She is the co-author of What I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child With Autism, (Future Horizons 2011) and a columnist for SI (Sensory Issue) Digest Magazine. Through her writing and through these broadcasts, Bobbi candidly tackles Autism Spectrum Disorder issues all parents face. Dealing with all issues — from getting the diagnosis to coping with the challenges to choosing educational options such as homeschooling — Bobbi offers parents alternatives and practical tips to help you on your journey.


To those on the path to independence for their adult children:

“There are thousands of children being diagnosed with autism everyday and those children will grow up. We need to have the resources in place to help them, and as parents, we need to know what to do.”
Amalia Starr is a motivational speaker, author, independent living coach, the founder of Autism Independence Project, and a mother to a thirty-nine year old son who has autism, intractable epilepsy, and severe learning disorders. With Amalia’s thirty-nine years of experience, she specializes in helping parents walk through their fears and assist their children to reach their full potential and gain maximum independence. Starr led her son to independence when the professionals deemed it impossible. Her son Brandon has been living on his own for the past fourteen years. Starr says her son’s determination helps to outshine his numerous limitations. Her story and trainings bring hope into the autism arena.

Autism As They Grow brings you understanding, compassion, information and education every step of the way.


What I Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child With Autism is currently up for nomination for best special needs book on We are so proud of Bobbi for her incredible publication. Take a look and vote

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