The Life Unexpected is a treasure trove for any parent looking for guidance raising a special needs child. Not only does Marianne bring you a wealth of information from well-regarded professionals, she is a mom who has successfully raised two special needs children of her own. The Life Unexpected will both challenge and inspire you to accept your role as parent, advocate and become a life-long learner. Hers is a much appreciated strength-based approach, keeping the focus on what is best for the child, while acknowledging the very real struggles these parents face.

As a mom whose Aspie daughter is now in college, I found her information honest, practical and important. The suggestions she presents throughout the book work. Parenting a special needs child is a lifelong journey with many unexpected turns. Let Marianne guide you through this process.
Grab a pile of highlighters and be prepared to return to this book over and over again as you walk your own unexpected pathway.

Julie Clark – Author Asperger’s In Pink

Wow! After reading The Life Unexpected I will never look at my son, his behaviors or this journey the same again – EVER. Where was this book ten years ago?

Marianne has written a poignant, touching and incredibly informative book that any parent, grandparent, relative or teacher of a child with behavior issues must read. Marianne gets to the heart of what parents are feeling and gives us inspiration and hope with her “out of the box” strategies to help our kids become part of the solution instead of just being the problem. Her chapter on trust between a parent and a child and a child and a professional is so touching and so important that it literally brought me to tears.

For any parent that has felt isolated or alone (like me) in being a parent to a child or young adult with a mental illness, this book will not only give you hope but will empower you. One line from the book really hit home for me “Accepting the diagnosis is one thing, accepting the life it will bring is something completely different and much more important. This journey will change you, it’s up to you if it changes you for the better”

The quotes and information from the impressive contributing experts are INCREDIBLE! Their biological and emotional explanations for the challenging and defiant behaviors are eye opening and really reinforce the tone of her book and the importance of not seeing these kids as their diagnosis or label but as kids that are truly struggling to cope and fit in.

This book is a game changer.

Susan Cozzi – Parent


















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